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GramDoctor is an organic Instagram growth service. We help you gain real targeted followers to your Instagram profile. Real growth, real people who are interested in your content or industry. We will grow and manage your Instagram account and achieve impressive results.


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GramDoctor | Organic Instagram Growth Service

Consistent Organic Growth, Day After Day.

Don’t waste your money on other services that offer fake likes and fake followers who don’t interact with your account at all. With our genuine marketing techniques, your Instagram account will get the exposure it needs to generate real, organic, active followers.

Gain REAL Active Followers

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We use niche related hashtags to engage with users interested in your content. Bring on the likes!



Do your competitors have accounts on Instagram? Tell us who they are and we will target their followers.



Running a local operation? Target one or multiple cities, states, provinces, or countries.


Explore Page

Want to get on the Explore Page? We have had many clients reach the Explore page, you could be one of them.

GramDoctor | Organic Instagram Growth Service

Figuring Out The Algorithm

Considering we have been in the Instagram game for a while now, we have a few tricks up our sleeves. This is one of our client's accounts that had only 25K followers at the time and one of their posts went viral. The account is gaining close to 1-2K followers every single day now.

Our Unique Features

Learn how we are different from other organic Instagram growth services.

Ease of Use

No downloads, we do it all for you! All you have to do it sit back and enjoy the magic.

Targeted Growth

We target audience by searching for what people are hashtagging, talking about, & their interests.

Powerful Service

Rise through the ranks of Instagram popularity. Opening up lots of opportunities for you or your business.

24/7 Support

There will always be a GramDoctor agent here to help you when needed.

Weekly Updates

Knowledge is power. You’ll be receiving weekly updates about your profile's status & how it's performing.

Secure Account

GramDoctor will never put your account in harm. We take pride in never having an account banned while under our service.

Popular Questions

How does it work?

Unlike our competitors, we don’t sell you fake followers. We’ve spent years developing specialized marketing techniques to help you see real, targeted results. Our service is hands-free and requires absolutely no work from your end. Just connect your account and watch your account grow.

What happens when the plan ends?

Nothing! You keep the followers and our system keeps your account in good standing so you don't need to worry about renewing anything! Please use live chat for any account help.

Is GramDoctor for me?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with over 700 million users. This means that we can reach any target audience regardless of your industry. Whether you’re a small local business ora, blogger/influencer, we’ve got you covered.

How do I update/cancel my account?

If you would like to stop or pause our service, just e-mail your personal account manager. He will then stop the subscription. At the end of the billing period, we will clean up your account by unfollowing all the unnecessary users. You will keep the followers that you have gained through our service of course.

Organic Instagram Growth | GramDoctor

Monthly Profit from a 30K Follower Account

Let’s suppose you make two profile posts per day, one story post per day, and 25% of your posts are sponsored shoutouts. This is 60 profile posts per month, and 30 story posts.

Revenue from shoutouts:

25% of 60 posts = 15 sponsored posts
15 posts x $150 per sponsored post
= $2250

Adspend value from profile posts:

60 posts x $40 equivalent adspend per post
= $2400

Adspend value from instagram stories:

30 stories x $300 equivalent adspend per story
= $9000

Total: $13,650 per month.

Ask yourself, can you afford NOT to grow your Instagram?


See what our members have said about us!

Steak Niche

Communication is flawless. Hasn’t even been a month yet and my account is going crazy. His research for hashtags is honestly really impressive. I have been sitting at the top video for #steak all day!

Farming Niche

Great customer support, friendly live chat staff, and my page has grown a lot. We are in the farming niche, and the followers have been all related to our niche!

Beauty Niche

This company not only grew my instagram followings but also provides me with hashtags and powerlikes. Their work is above and beyond!! Definitely would recommend to anyone.

Travel Niche

Every month I get more and more surprised at my results. I have been ranking in #Travel (405m Follower Hashtag) as the top video for 5 days! Always impressed, thanks again!

Music Niche

I can recommend them if you're serious about real results. Just know you pay for what you get. I tried to save a few dollars on a cheaper service, and got burned because the followers were fake. GramDoctor has kept their promise and gained me the followers I need.

Entrepreneur Niche

I came into this trying to grow my business and I have actually gained 30+ new clients from our Instagram traffic. I don't know how they do it, but they have my vouch!

It's time to grow your Instagram 🚀

Requirements: For this service, your account must be 3 months old or older. We only work on aged accounts for the safety of your account. We can provide you with an aged account if necessary.

Save up to 40% by paying annually!

  • Estimated Followers (Depends on Niche)
  • Optimized Hashtags
  • High Engaging Photos
  • Tailored Strategy
  • Priority Support
  • Powerlikes (2 Posts/Day)
  • PowerSaves
  • Power Comments
  • Cancel Anytime


$125 / monthly
  • 500 – 10,000 Monthly


$245 / monthly
  • 2,000 – 40,000 Monthly
  • 400


$325 / monthly
  • 3,000 – 60,000 Monthly
  • 600


$385 / monthly
  • 4,000 – 80,000 Monthly
  • 600
  • 25
  • 20